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San Diego Surfing Home > Baja Surf Guide

Baja Surf Guide

Baja Surf Guide

The Surfing San Diego Guide To Baja

Welcome to the Surfing San Diego Guide to Baja. The Baja peninsula is an amazing surf destination with a wealth of surf spots for every skill level. There is an abundance of points, coves, beaches and river mouths that are wide open to the consistent swells of the Pacific. This guide features information about some of Baja’s best surf spots, driving recommendations, travel guidelines, insurance information and a checklist to get you there! Also, Check our new article about Mexico Travel Requirements.

Choose Your Baja Surf Spot

Baja Malibu Club Marisol Rosarito Beach / Power Plants Popotla Scorpion Bay
Mushrooms Calafia / Bus Stops K-38 / Theresas Las Gaviotas Erindera
Raulís La Fonda Baja Seasons / La Salina Salsipuedes Punta Cabra
San Miguel Trailer Parks Todos Santos Beyond Ensenada Punta San Jose

The Quick Baja Trip

A Baja road trip does not necessarily mean you have to drive for hours and hours to find empty waves. In fact, there are numerous amazing spots less than an hour from the border where you can escape the overcrowded beaches of San Diego for the day and be home in time for lunch. The following spots are close enough to head down for the weekend, the day or even just a quick dawn patrol session. Most of the surf spots between Tijuana and Ensenada are easily accessible from the well maintained toll road and do not require a four wheel drive vehicle. That said, they are also more likely to have a bit more of a crowd, especially at the more popular spots such as K-38 and San Miguel.

Tourist Cards

If you plan on traveling south of Ensenada or staying in Baja longer than 72 hours, you must stop at the border and obtain a tourist card, or you will run the risk being detained and fined at one of the military checkpoints on your drive south. Getting the proper documentation is actually really easy. When entering Mexico at Tijuana, cross the border in the far right lane and park. The immigration office is the first door on the right. Fill out your form and then take them to the bank a few doors down and pay the fee for the tourist card (approximately $20). Take your payment receipt to the immigration office and have the form stamped for validation. This fulfils your documentation requirement for travel in Baja for 180 days. Note: Vehicle permits are not required for travel in Baja.

Mexican Insurance

When driving in Baja it is very important to have Mexican auto insurance. Simply put, if you are at fault in an accident while in Mexico and don’t have insurance you will be held by the authorities until you are able to pay for the damage you caused. Having a Mexican insurance policy provides proof of financial responsibility to authorities and covers you for any damage to third parties. A full-coverage Mexican insurance policy will also provide coverage for your vehicle in the event of physical damage or theft. Surfing San Diego uses and recommends Baja Bound for Mexican auto insurance. You can buy policies online 24/7 from their easy to use website www.bajabound.com. Policies from Baja Bound include roadside assistance, legal aid, bail bond and emergency air evacuation. Policies are available from one day up to one year and the cost is minimal, so don’t drive in Baja without Mexican insurance!

When You Go To Baja…

A great way to make a lasting impression and spread a little goodwill is to bring stickers, wax, old surf magazines and old surfboards to give away to the Mexican kids. It is amazing how a simple gesture like that can make a difference in your experience.


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