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San Diego Surfing Home > Baja Surf Guide > Rosarito Beach
Baja Surf Guide

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Rosarito Beach Surf Guide

Half an hour from the border, Rosarito Beach features several miles of good beach break surf. Depending on the swell direction and tide it can be anywhere from fun, punchy and rippable to fast, hollow and barreling. For this reason it can be a good spot for beginners and advanced surfers alike. Because there is a sizable stretch of beach in Rosarito you can almost always find a spot to surf without a crowd. (Unless it is Spring Break of course!) At the north end of the beach is the Rosarito power plant that is clearly marked by the twin smoke stacks and jetties. It has been said that on a south swell and high tide that there is a good wave between the jetties, but we have never seen it personally. It might be worth a look if conditions are right and the beach break out front is not a good option. To get to Rosarito Beach, take the toll road out of Tijuana for 15 minutes and you will begin to see signs for Rosarito. There are four different exits for Rosarito so take your pick and head west towards the ocean.

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