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Surfing San Diego E-Zine

Posted by JK's Corner (12/15/2006)

I am really excited to be part of this new surf website . There's a ton of info for those that love the ocean . Let me introduce myself , my name is Jeff Kinney and I own a surfshop in Pacific Beach (San Diego). I've been the owner of the store for over twenty six years and I've been in the surf business for almost thirty years. I do a Daily surf report on two local Radio stations for San Diego ( KOGO am 600 at 6:40 a.m, and KGB 101.5 at

3:25 p.m.) What all this means is I've been around the block a couple of times . I've seen a lot of things , good and bad , come and go.

In the upcoming features Ill be writing about all things related to surfing and the ocean, from wetsuits to the environment and all areas in between .

I want to briefly share some thoughts about surfing. Although surfing does have a competitive arena , I feel ultimately surfing is a release in our lives and a form of a healthy recreation. The competitive part is cool and has its place. Companies need it , and my business's health is partly related to it .As a part of the whole it doesn't represent a real share of who we are .

For the majority we live our lives at work or school, at home or some where around the globe. But at moments of time we stop to enjoy the action and recreation of surfing . It releases all the elements that have caught up with us and is our outlet to cope with all that is thrown at us . By jumping into the ocean we can leaveof it all on the sand and focus our energy riding some waves and felling the rush.

Therefore , use surfing to your fullest whether your really good or just starting is doesn't matter. The end result is the same , in that all that matters is to enjoy . In crowded conditions don't stress , try to take it in stride , you'll get some waves. Not every wave has to be your best wave ever . Most of all let the ocean come to you , you will not go out and control the ocean . I look forward to writing about what surfing is, and how it relates to us . Later Jk.........

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