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Dangers - People

This page concerns one of the major annoyances when it comes to surfing, other people. Now that surfing is so popular (it has its down sides), everyone and their mother is in the water. This of course leads to many people being in each other's way. Please respect other people and their right of way or you can, and sometimes will get hurt.

The Dude You Pissed Off In The Water
Danger Rating: 9

Ok, so your kinda new to surfing, you see this nice wave coming and you either don't see or don't care about the guy on your inside already paddling or already on the wave. You get up and screw up his ride while your plans on riding the white water to shore go as planned. Please don't do this. Respect other people's right of way or you will make other angry with you, which can lead to them kicking the #@!% out of you. Please refer to the "rules" of surfing for your own safety.

The Dude You Pissed Off On Shore
Danger Rating: 8

The same thing applies here. Do not be rude to anyone in the parking lot or wherever you are, it just aint cool yo. You'll wind up having a bad day. Also, please watch out for people when leaving the parking lot, and watch out so you don't back over someone's stick.

The Dude Who Has No Idea How To Surf
Danger Rating: 10

Anyone who has surfed a lot has always experienced this goof-ball. You are either watching him or he/she is in front of you snakin' your wave, or perhaps coming straight at you while your paddling out. Whoever it is, these wacko's always get up on the nicest wave and then fall over like someone pushed them off, and a lot of times you get screwed or are screwed when no-brains "shoots" his board straight at you and your board while you are paddling out.

Advice: try to stay away from these people, or better yet, offer them advice on what and what not to do, and where and where not to learn.

The Dude Who Is A Surf Nazi
Danger Rating: 5

Beware of these dumb-asses, excuse us for the language. They are usually 18 or younger, but act like little shits and as if you have no business being out in the water even though you have surfed for like 20 years. They will hunt you down if you drop-in on them. Best solution, bring some friends and help teach this guy a lesson since he is one that has no right being out in the water.


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