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Dangers - The Ocean

Ah, the ocean. How calm, soothing, and deadly it can be for those who freak out when they do not know what to do. You really do not have much to worry about if you just follow some simple rules.

Rip Tides
Danger Rating: 3

Rip Tide? What the hell is that? We always hear how dangerous it is, but is it really? If you have a surfboard don't worry about it, you aint gonna die. They are usually a good way to get outside when first paddling out. If you get caught in one, you can either try paddling PARALLEL to the shore to get out of it, or just let it take you more outside (you won't be going out to the mid-ocean, ok) and then paddle out of it.

Danger Rating: 4

No, not current events. Have you ever noticed that while you are surfing, you tend to drift south or north... well this is a current. They can be strong, bad, or very weak, good. The only way around a strong current is to paddle to keep yourself in position, if you want arms of steel and a sore back. Or just catch a few, go in, walk back, and go back out.

High Surf Advisory
Danger Rating: 7

In the winter time mostly, San Diego and surrounding areas get some High Surf Advisory's, this usually means we are getting at least a 8' swell. If you think you can handle it, think again, then if you still agree, go out. Before you go, however, stretch, watch the surf, see where you are going to paddle out and eventually paddle in, which is sometimes hard if you are not riding a wave in. Just be safe and go with a friend if possible so you both can share the joy of you getting a phat wave.

Low Surf Advisory
Danger Rating: 100+

In extreme cases like this, please exit the water and go have fun somewhere else.

Danger Rating: 1

Please ignore this if you are 4' tall or higher and actually have some type of floating device.

The Fact That You Cannot Breath Under Water
Danger Rating: 10

Yes it is true, we cannot breath under water. The best thing to do when you seriously wipe out and have no idea which way is up is to cover your face, relax, and you will float to the top. If you try to swim or paddle while under water, chances are you will only make matters worse. Oh yeah, you could die if you don't take this one seriously.


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