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Dangers - The Weather

The weather here in San Diego has become very wierd, by weird we mean that the water has not warmed up! Although we have summer like days in winter and winter like days in summer, the water here has not warmed up at all this year.

This leads to wasted time from when you park to when your actually in the water. Here are some of the weather related issues you must pay particular attention to.

Direct Sun
Importance: 9

Please, if you are going out surfing when it is sunny out, where sun block! You will thank us when you are older and do not have to go the doctors because of skin cancer. Even on cloudy days during the day, wear sun block. We recommend you use at least an SPF 30. Make sure you get your nose, ears, and back of neck. You also will not look like a freak because you forgot to wear block and are peeling all over your body.

Cold Water
Importance: 8

We hate it, and therefore so must you! If you are a working person, then the mornings and evenings are the only time you ususally get to go out. At these times, it gets cold, especially in the winter when a nice little breeze decides to pick up.

Solution: where your suit, booties if neccessary, and even gloves some head gear when cold enough. At 60º F, go for booties. At 56º F on a morning, where a little extra too. This way you can stay in the water longer and catch more waves.

Why is there always some wacko wearing just board shorts on a cold ass day? Do you think we will be impressed by your resistence to cold water. NOT!


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